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Team PH's Let Me Be Your Lungs Program

One of the ways Team PHenomenal Hope seeks to build community with those suffering from pulmonary hypertension (PH) is to connect our athletes directly with patients. We call this the Let Me Be Your Lungs program.

Individuals with PH have difficulty carrying out basic tasks that most of us take for granted – walking up stairs, carrying a laundry basket, or shopping for groceries. Endurance athletes, on the other hand, have incredible lung capacity. They can run a marathon, swim three miles, or cycle a century.

We match our athletes up with volunteer patient participants. Athletes race for their match. Patients rally to support their athlete by providing encouragement or helping them with fundraising. Together, they are a duo working to raise awareness of this critical illness and the need for continuously improved treatments and a cure.

Join Team PHenomenal Hope's 2023 Let Me Be Your Lungs endurance team program and commit to racing for the pulmonary hypertension community and fundraise a minimum of $600. Funds raised will support our mission to provide direct support to patients and end PH.

Together we will race to make a difference in the lives of those with PH.

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Meet Our Team Members